Organizations continue to face high turnover, poor retention, and decreased employee engagement.  Lack of employee productivity negatively affects the bottom line.  Providing managers with the tools, resources, direction, and support they need to perform at their best to develop employees are the keys to creating a high-performance work environment.  In this ever changing new world, managers need to be more agile, flexible and resilient in order to meet the demands of an ever changing world.  Being able to pivot to adapt to changing priorities is a critical skill.

**All programs can be offered virtually and facilitated in person.

Leadership Series

The I CAN Lead  Program

Teaches managers the  tools to become an effective manager
  Topics include:
  • Enhancing Emotional Intelligence
  • Boosting Your Resilience
  • Conflict Management 
  • Providing Effective Feedback
  • Respecting Differences
  • The Power of Influence

GROUP Coaching

For those who enjoy working with a cohort, you can join group coaching to enhance your personal growth..





With the demands of modern life, finding a balance can be tough. Balance is what enables us to achieve our plans, reach professional goals, and enjoy relationships. By partnering with a coach, you'll discover a world of opportunity and personal growth.



  • Accelerating Team Performance:   Becoming an effective team member
  • Understanding Communication Skills:   Develop effective communication among teams to build trust and confidence with their teams
  • Respecting Differences:   Working with a diverse team
  • Managing Team Conflict:  Resolve team conflicts and influence people to work together more collaboratively

Boost profit, productivity, and management effectiveness. 

Build skills and learn how to work more effectively together as a team. 

Motivated employees become highly effective team members.

We have tools and assessments to identify the stage of team development.  A strategic plan is identified, a customized plan is designed, and the plan implemented to move the team into the next stage of development.  The ultimate goal is to become a high performing team.  Participants will learn, practice, and put into action the skills needed to become a  high performing team.